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If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten.

- Tony Robbins

What is New

Check out the Success Stories page to see examples of successfully completed projects.

We do a lot of what we call DDD (documentation driven development). We find that certain types of coding projects are best approached by first documenting the options that are available in the most comprehensive, succinct, and visual way possible. Here, as one example, is an FMP URL protocol infographic that we distributed at the 2014 FileMaker developer conference.

Here is another FileMaker infographic, that we published to the world on 2015-05-01... FileMaker Code Objects as ERD infographic

Being a good FileMaker consultant often involves giving strategic advise on how to move forward. When the FileMaker 13 platform came out we put together 3 infographics on FileMaker 13 compatibility for desktop, server, and iOS. This FileMaker Desktop OS Version Requirements infographic that we posted has helped us show clients what they need to do with there desktop machines in order to prepare for FileMaker 13.

We are always on the lookout for ways to increase our client's return on investment (ROI). This LED vs. Incandescent - Return on Investment spreadsheet (with matching PDF) shows how someone can get a great return on investment...even without using FileMaker ;-)

You can take security serious and also have fun with it. Here is a blog post on Passwords That Work More Often

Here is a blog post about how to work on (and hopefully also clean up) systems where the coding style and naming conventions are not where they should be: Renaming FileMaker Objects Without Breaking Code

When we are not completing projects for clients we are often working on our own systems to streamline operations. In our "spare time" we build developer tools to make our development efforts even more productive. To get an idea of the type of tools that we use, check out some of them in our Free and Useful Stuff section.


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