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"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."

-Abraham Lincoln

Free and Useful Stuff

Below are a few useful resources that you can download by clicking on the links below.

Helpful Tools

FileMaker <-> BaseElements Toolkit
If you are using BaseElements to analyze a FileMaker system, you might want to use this (Mac only) FileMaker <-> BaseElements Toolkit to jump back and forth easily, quickly and accurately between FileMaker and BaseElements. The toolkit works for Layouts, Fields, Scripts and Layout Objects. Read more and watch the "how to" videos... quicktime icon
FileMaker Development "Type Ahead"
Do you find "Type Ahead" useful when you are in the browse mode? Would you like to use "Type Ahead" when you are writing a calculation defining a variable, assigning a parameter to a button or a script, etc? Read more and watch the "how to" video... quicktime icon
Find broken layout objects with Mouseposé
In brief, the idea is to use a FileMaker utility file and an AppleScript together with Mouseposé to automatically go to the file and layout and then spotlight the error. See the code...
FileMaker To OS X Address Book
A simple example of how to use AppleScript to move data to the OS X Address Book. See the code...
Set FileMaker Field Using Variable for Field Name
Demo script to roll back a data table from a transaction log. Shows how to set a FileMaker field using a variable for the field name. See the code...


You might need to download StuffIt Expander if you do not already have it.


LED vs. Incandescent - Return on Investment
One of our favorite times is when a “light bulb goes on” and we come up with an idea to help our clients get a positive return on their technology investment. Read more... PDF icon Excel icon

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