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Find broken layout objects with Mouseposé

In brief, the idea is to use a FileMaker utility file and an AppleScript together with Mouseposé to automatically go to the file and layout and then spotlight the error.

I populated the FileMaker utility file using data from MetadataMagic running under FileMaker 6. I have not had occasion to update the utility to run with any of the current tools, but will do so if need arises - unless someone does so first ;)

You can download the FileMaker file here. Mouseposé can be found here. The AppleScript below should be easy to copy and adapt to your use:

To watch the "how to" video in your browser click here.

You can also download the video here (4.6 MB).

The best way to use the AppleScript is to run it from an open script editor window.


tell application "FileMaker Developer"
tell document "TWDI_MdM_LayoutItems.fp5"
set DBFileName to cell "DBFileName" of current record
set LayoutName to cell "LayoutName" of current record
set LeftCoord to cell "Left" of current record
set TopCoord to cell "Top" of current record
set WidthVar to cell "Width" of current record
set HeightVar to cell "Height" of current record
end tell
end tell

tell application "FileMaker Developer"
go to database DBFileName
go to layout LayoutName
do menu menu item "Layout Mode" of menu "View"
set bounds of window 1 to {7, 44, 1192, 1194}
end tell

set MonitorWidth to 1920 -- change for your display size
set MonitorHeight to 1200 -- change for your display size\

set xCoord to LeftCoord + (WidthVar / 2) + 98 -- adj for FM 
set yCoord to MonitorHeight - TopCoord - (HeightVar / 2) - 78 + 21 -- adj  FM/menu

tell application "Mousepose"
store settings
set overlay opacity to 25
start effect
set mouse location to {xCoord, yCoord}
stop effect
restore settings
end tell


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