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LED vs. Incandescent - Return on Investment

One of our favorite times is when a “light bulb goes on” and we come up with an idea to help our clients get a positive return on their technology investment.

In 2013, we did a return on investment (ROI) analysis on 60 watt equivalent LED light bulbs and made a one-page spreadsheet to showcase how much can be saved.

LED light bulbs continue to drop in price and we were able to find 60 watt equivalent bulbs this year for around $11. Based on 8 hours use per day, you get a ROI of about 300% per year on the energy savings alone. That is an amazing return that will accrue savings faster than the price of LED bulbs is dropping. In other words, the time for waiting is over and the time for saving is at hand.

If you have some extra money that you want to grow ... you might want to look at LED light bulbs!

View the TWDI LED vs. Incandescent ROI spreadsheet:

PDF versionPDF version

Excel versionZipped Excel version


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