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Past Projects

Following is a partial listing of projects we have successfully completed for our clients:

FileMaker Magento Integration

Magento is the market leading open source e-commerce platform. FileMaker is the number one rapid application development platform, that also places nice with others. Together they are a winning combination!

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FileMaker <-> Web using External SQL Data Sources (ESS)

A client for whom we have done a lot of FileMaker programming over the years wanted to expand a portion of their FileMaker system to the web and asked us to come up with a solution...

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FileMaker Google Maps

One of the projects that we enjoy doing is using FileMaker to automate the creation of customized multi-pin Google Maps. Combining the Google Maps API with some well chosen HTML/XHTML, CSS and JavaScript can create some exciting web applications.

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FileMaker in the Fashion Industry

One of our recent projects was for a client in the fashion industry who needed to replace a non-FileMaker system that was not meeting the company's business needs. The company decided on FileMaker because of its ease of use, reliability, strong market share and cross-platform capability.

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FileMaker in Manufacturing

This manufacturing project was started by two in-house staff members. After some initial success in automating the work of the graphics department, the in-house team ran into some roadblocks in automating the more complex manufacturing areas of the company. I was brought in to help move the project forward.

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FileMaker, XML and XSLT

In this project we used XML, XSLT and related technologies to integrate FileMaker with a government website and back-end database. The integration was achieved for four different divisions under a demanding timeline.

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FileMaker and Image Management

We are often called in to set up systems to manage images using FileMaker, often in a cross-platform environment. Usually this is needed when the images are too many and too large to be stored inside the database. Storing the images outside the database yet connected to their related database records is often the best approach.

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Scan Documents to PDFs and Manage Their Use with FileMaker

This project involved scanning documents to PDF and managing the process of locating and distributing them over the web.

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FileMaker <-> MYOB AccountEdge Integration

Integrated FileMaker with the MYOB AccountEdge program utilizing AppleScript. This allows the client to use the best features of each product while eliminating the need for double entry of information.

FileMaker and AppleScript Automation Utilities

Created custom AppleScript and FileMaker utilities to automate the documentation and creation of FileMaker database systems.

FileMaker Database System for Retail Business

Utilized FileMaker to create a full package to run a retail business. The system is clean, clear and simple to use. It can be easily customized and extended to meet the needs of a variety of retail and service businesses.

On-line Workflow for Advertising Agency

Developed a FileMaker-based workflow system for a major New York City advertising agency. The system links together the Account Services, Creative, Media, Production and Accounting departments.

Automatic Folder Creation and File Organization

Created AppleScript routines to automatically file images and documents based on the client's file-naming conventions. The AppleScripts automatically creates properly named folders and subfolders in the correct locations as needed.

Bulk Email Generation System

FileMaker, AppleScript and Emailer used to create a bulk email generation system. (This can be easily converted to use Eudora, QuickMail Pro, Outlook or various other email clients)

PDF Auto-combine Scripting

Created a variety of AppleScripts for automatically combining PDF (portable document format) files. For example, one of the AppleScripts automatically walks through the subfolders in a project folder creating a combined PDF for each subfolder and then a final combination PDF for the project.

QuickMail Pro <-> FileMaker Integration

Integrated QuickMail Pro with FileMaker to extend the capability of the client's online workflow system. This provided the following features: The ability to easily send a QuickMail containing information drawn automatically from the FileMaker database. Automatic email notification where the system is searched at regular intervals and email messages are sent to the appropriate people. The ability to collect and store incoming messages into a FileMaker database.

Raw Text to FileMaker Contacts Database Fields

Used AppleScript to read large text files of addresses into a FileMaker database one text block per record. From there, used FileMaker scripts to split the addresses into the component fields for transfer into the client's main contacts database.

FileMaker <-> Email-based Reporting System

Created an email-based reporting system for a training organization using FileMaker and Outlook Express. The system uses FileMaker scripts to generate a formatted outgoing email. The instructors reply to the email with the required answers. The Emails are checked individually for accuracy and completeness and if all is in order, an AppleScript is run to enter the answers into the correct fields in the correct records.

PDF Auto-creation from Quark XPress Files

Built a system for automatically creating PDF (portable document format) files from QXP (Quark XPress) files. The Quark XPress operator simply drops a QXP file into an "In" folder on the server and retrieves the complete PDF file from the "Out" folder. The system uses AppleScript and PreFab Player to format the PDFs according to the client's exact specifications.

FileMaker Picture Field to GIF and JPEG Files

Created AppleScript routines to extract pictures from a FileMaker database and save them on the hard drive as GIF and JPEG files.

FileMaker to Canto Cumulus Automation

Converted the information (Categories, Key Words, Image Location) contained in a FileMaker database into a Canto Cumulus database in order to create self-running image databases for distribution on CD-ROM.

FileMaker -> Excel Integration

Integrated FileMaker with Excel to automatically cross tab and graph the information coming out of the client's invoicing database.

IT Department Database System

Created a complete system for managing an (IT) Information Technology department.

FileMaker <-> Quark XPress Document Identification

Created a system where document identification, stored in a FileMaker database record about a Quark XPress job is automatically entered into the top for the specific Quark XPress document. If the information is edited in the Quark XPress file, it can be posted back to the FileMaker database. This project used AppleScript technology.

FileMaker -> BBEdit Integration

Linked FileMaker and BBEdit to streamline the process of passing information from the client's FileMaker system to the mainframe-based accounting system. The scripts automatically convert the data coming out of FileMaker into the correct format required by the mainframe application.

FileMaker to OS X Address Book

Created an AppleScript to make it easy to sync contacts with the Mac OS X Address Book.


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