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FileMaker Magento Integration

Magento is the market leading open source e-commerce platform. FileMaker is the number one rapid application development platform, that also places nice with others. Together they are a winning combination!

An entrepreneurial client with whom we have been working with for many years, needed to quickly bring to marked an e-commerce site selling tens of thousands of products, many of which had digital versions.

We were able to rapidly set up a digital asset management system using FileMaker, AppleScript and OS level shell scripts. The digital assets meta data is then fed to Magento for its e-commerce contribution.

Sales data is copied back into FileMaker, where reports and charts can be rapidly created.

We were able to build up and share a deep understanding of how Magento works, using our Documentation Driven Development (DDD) process.

Knowing FileMaker, Magento, AppleScript and Shell scripting at a deep level allowed us to put together a robust solution that has been able to keep pace with a fast moving set of requirements.

With or without eCommerce integration, we are sold on the ability of FileMaker to integrate with others applications and system to make solutions that are more that the sum of the parts.


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