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FileMaker, XML and XSLT

In this project we used XML, XSLT and related technologies to integrate FileMaker with a government website and back-end database. The integration was achieved for four different divisions under a demanding timeline.

This integration required high security that was implemented, in part, with digital certificates and custom FileMaker Pro password management.

The environment for this project was cross-platform in order to be able to use the best tools on any platform for each of the tasks.

We used the applications XML Spy and Oxygen for validating XML and for editing XSLT style sheets.

Initially we used AppleScript to write the XML file to the hard drive. Later, when we moved the application to Windows XP, we used the Troi File-Plug.

To speed the standardization of the structure between the four divisions, we used a custom utility for managing multiple clipboards.


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