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FileMaker and Image Management

We are often called in to set up systems to manage images using FileMaker, often in a cross-platform environment. Usually this is needed when the images are too many and too large to be stored inside the database. Storing the images outside the database yet connected to their related database records is often the best approach.

Over the years we have learned the tricks and techniques required to get this working smoothly. Our AppleScript skills often come into play, enabling us to create automated work flows, moving files, making folders as needed, renaming files, importing images automatically, etc.

Our image-management capabilities extend to the Web. We can take images that are referenced in FileMaker and automatically send them up to the web server, using AppleScript or FileMaker plug-ins as needed.

Management likes this type of project because it saves both time and money. The creative team likes this type of project because it eliminates tedious tasks and allows them to concentrate on being creative.


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