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FileMaker 14 Code Objects as ERD FileMaker 14 Code Objects as ERD

FileMaker 14 Code Objects as ERD infographic

  • Provides a concise overview of "FileMaker code objects" that developers are well advised to be aware of.
  • Shows some of the relationships between FileMaker code objects, and can result in insights that lead to better code.
  • Shows some FileMaker version history, information that can be useful to developers and project planners.
  • Contains some useful tips

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Below is an updated PDF version of the FileMaker 14 Code Objects as ERD infographic with clickable links. (yellow boxes with blue text)

This infographic was updated for a presentation titled "DIGFM: Deepen your relationship with the FileMaker Platform (2/14/2019; Santa Clara, CA)". You can watch a video of that presentation on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ww0W9BTVbHo

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This infographic is an evolving document built on information from the community and made better by contributions from many. Free to give us feedback in the comments section here.

Some useful links:

Planned for the next version:

  • Table Occurrences sit on top of Source Tables which are like Base Tables with the difference that Source Tables can be in the same File as the Relationship Graph or in a different File. Thoughts?

Thanks to all those who helped make this info-graphic better. Remaining errors are ours. Here are some of the people who shared useful suggestions (listed alphabetically):

  • Stephen Dolenski, Ocean West Consulting Inc. (added Encryption at Rest)
  • Scott Rose, ScottWorld. (renamed Placeholder Text)
  • Rod Young (new access privileges in FileMaker Pro 16 - link shown above)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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