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Application Integration Workflows

Often we will integrate FileMaker with other technologies to create efficient, productive and profitable workflows. FileMaker can be integrated with technologies on the desktop, on the web and in the mobile space.

On the desktop, we use AppleScript (OS X only) and FileMaker plug-ins (OS X and Windows) to integrate FileMaker with other desktop applications in the following areas:

  • Desktop email clients
  • Web browsers
  • Accounting packages (OS X or Windows)
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • Adobe Creative Suite (and Quark and other desktop publishing applications)
  • Apple OS X address book (renamed to "Contacts" as of Mountain Lion, 10.8)
  • iCal and other calendaring solutions
  • PDF generation, form filling and form data extraction
  • FTP clients
  • Pretty much any application that’s either "AppleScript-able" or has a FileMaker plug-in available

There are so many different ways of integrating FileMaker with the web that it deserves a section of its own! Read more...

FileMaker has made it easy to take your data mobile, leveraging the FileMaker development environment to allow you to deploy onto iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch using FileMaker Go. Read more...

Application integration projects are fun to develop and usually very profitable for our clients. Check out our success stories for ideas, and feel free to contact us to discuss what useful, fun projects we can create for you.



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