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“Good information architecture enables people to find and do what they came for. Great information architecture takes find out of the equation: the site behaves as the visitor expects. Poor or missing information architecture neuters content, design, and programming and devalues the site for its owners as well as the audience it was created to serve. It’s like a film with no director. The actors may be good, the sets may be lovely, but audiences will leave soon after the opening credits.”

Jeffrey Zeldman

Web Development

We create web solutions that either integrate with FileMaker or stand alone.

Website Technologies

We are skilled in the full web stack, both front end and back end. On the front end we use HTML/XHTML, CSS and JavaScript/JQuery. On the back end we most often use MySQL or FileMaker and PHP.

Web Hosting

We can help you host your website with the web hosting service of your choice, even including the relatively complicated Amazon Web Services platform. We can also answer your questions regarding DNS, digital certificates, public and private key cryptography, etc.

FileMaker Integrated Solutions

FileMaker, Inc. saw the importance of the web early on and provided its legendary ease of use to the task of bringing a FileMaker solution to the Web. This means that you can create FileMaker <-> Web solutions that combine the best of both worlds relatively easily. We use FileMaker External SQL Source technology, Instant Web Publishing (IWP), or one of the two popular PHP APIs (application programming interfaces) to FileMaker and, when needed, direct SQL queries.

Stand-Alone Websites

We create web sites either from the ground up (based on our code libraries) or starting from one of the well-known Content Management System (CMS) systems like Drupal or WordPress.

The Cloud

There has been a lot of talk recently about the “cloud”. Two of our skills that we consider to fall into (out of?) the “cloud” category are hosting solutions on the Amazon Web Services platform and building solutions that make use of web service integration, to perform tasks like USPS address validation, Google Mapping, etc.

Web Site Design

When it comes to design, people of good intentions will often disagree ;-) We lean toward simple designs that adhere to standards and combine both function and form. We can work with you to come up with a design that is right for your organization or, if you already have a design, we will be happy to put quality code behind it.

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