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FileMaker Tools: Script Building Blocks

Toolkit imageImagine writing FileMaker scripts twice as fast (or faster)! This toolkit allows you to accurately add frequently used script step blocks to your scripts (in less that a second) with just the click of a button. The toolkit also makes it easier to add white space and "date - name" comments to your scripts.

*Requires Mac OS X 10.5 or 10.6 and QuicKeys 4
Tested compatible with FileMaker 9, 10, 11

Single User License: $39
For site and multi-user licenses, please contact us for pricing.

How does it work?

Here is a 7:39 minute video that demonstrates the various uses of the toolkit, as well as the various ways to customize your toolkit. You can also download the video (10.1 MB).

Script Building Blocks is also available as a bundle with FileMaker Clipboard Reader. Single User Bundle License: $49
For site and multi-user licenses, please contact us for pricing.

Once you have completed payment, we will email you the toolkit files. Please note that this could take 1 or more hours, because the toolkit is customized for you based on your registration name.

Wishing you fast, easy and accurate FileMaker development. Enjoy.

2010-04-24: Added 6 alternate formats (dd-mm-yyyy, dd.mm.yyyy, dd/mm/yyyy, mm-dd-yyyy, mm.dd.yyyy, mm/dd/yyyy) for the date/name stamp.

Script Building Blocks received a nice review from Bob Patin over at Longterm Solutions:

I recently tried out Tony White's excellent ScriptBuildingBlocks tool for FileMaker, and was immediately hooked on the new abilities it offers to FileMaker developers working on the Mac platform.

And some kind words from Hal Gumbert at CampSoftware:

Wow! Script Building Blocks is really great! I love how fast I can now paste code. In the past I've been going to our 'library' database, finding a particular example script, opening it, copying the script statements, then switching back to the active database and pasting. Whew!!! Now, once I have the example installed, I only have to click a button in a floating pallet! Very nice!!!


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